Wednesday, October 27, 2010


So I took a day off of school last friday. All that week, I had been feelin' pretty down, kinda dizzy with headaches and stuff. And I was super worried about this essay I had to write for Math (I KNOW RLY?? It was ultra lame T^T) because I would have no time to finish the last two or so paragraphs in school whatsoever. SO I climbed into my mother's bed and snuggled and told her how awful I felt and that I never wanted to go to school again.

xDD No, not really. I was more like, "I don't want to go to school... but I'm not going to tell you that. I'm just going to say that I feel better, but I feel uber worried because I have this HUGE essay that needs to be finished." It was all the truth. All the time, I laid there, snuggling up to her, I stared at the curtains on the door to the backyard--there are windows in that door, which stares straight into the setting sun--which is why they got the curtains there. I felt whimsical, just a little bit, and described to myself in my head what they were like to me in that half-sleepy moment. It was dark in the room, and the only light came from the sunlight bouncing off of the neighbor's white (or beige) wall and reflecting into the room, filtered through the curtains. They were red like roses--probably to set the mood, but also to match the dark wood furniture in my parent's room. It made me want to eat chocolate covered cherries. There are pleats in the curtain, and the curls in the dark red curtain made nearly black lines when the material doubled up on itself. Some went all the way down to the bottom. Some stopped short. Some were halfway through, but stopped like the others. Somehow, I felt that these "curtain lines" were like my life--some things ran a course, some things were transient, and some were just short of staying but stopped anyhow. And then I thought how weird that was. And that I should blog about it that day, when I had time. But I wasn't home pretty much the rest of the day anyway, so it wasn't going to happen.

So after hearing my complaints, my mom said, "You can stay home from school today..." YES!! I wondered if she knew my ploy, but the presiding idea was that she came up with it all on her own, because she felt bad for me. She couldn't get angry if I asked for a day off--or something. But then immediately, she changed my doctor's appointment from 2:00 in the afternoon (when she would pick me up early from school) to 9 or so. I got to watch both Bakugan and Beyblade all the way.

So the rest of the day was pretty gnarly. I got checked out by the doctor (whom I learned was from Hawaii 8D) and she gave me some allergy pills. Then we went to go get coffee drinks at It's A Grind. My mother suggested it first. "We should go to It's A Grind," she said.

"But isn't that all the way down at Westgate?" I asked.

"Yeah, but who cares?"

xDDD Sometimes, my mother can be a rebel. When she's not being a drill sargeant. xDD

So my brother and I sucked on Road Warriors (like a frappucino, but better--it has chopped/ground/puree'd chocolate covered coffee beans mixed in with mocha or something--I don't remember--I just love the choco covered coffee bits) and got in on the Pokèmon WiFi trading action. And we talked about Spirit Week this week--and my mother decided to take us down to the nearest Savers and Big Lots for costumes. 8D

I finally have a plaid skirt! 8D Two, now, since my sister let me go through a ton of clothes she didn't want anymore and another plaid skirt was one of them. xDD

Then we visited my

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I want this shirt. 8D

In fact, I wish I had more music T-shirts. So far, I only have two Pink Floyd shirts and a Led Zeppelin shirt--the Swan Song one, with the angel. 8D

And this one, too, because Joey Ramone is my hero and lover. 8D



When I'm bored, I like to click the "next blog" link up at top. It takes me to a totally random blog. Sometimes I like them. Other times I can't read them. I went through like eight blogs in spanish before I decided I wasn't going to find a good one again. But there were some good ones in there.

I found a blog with this AMAZING fashion! But here's the site, since I didn't bother to copy the link to the actual blog.

Chromat Garments

Nevermind, here's the blog:

Chromat Blog

Pretty rad, at least to me. 8D

Friday, October 15, 2010


FTW is WTF backwards. 8D


So let's do something fun today.

Today is a friday, and it happens to be a Good Friday--no, not like the Friday before Easter, but the friday that is a B-day, becauase my B-days are the easiest. I mean, my A-days aren't too bad, but I always dread them. B-days, I look forward to because I have Diddy twice in a row. I mean, I guess I should dread Diddy's class, because of all of my classes, it should be the hardest, but it's nice in thar. I don't hate anybody in that class (not that I hate anybody in any of my classes, but there are certain classes where I sit next to smelly folk and it ain't pleasant), and the work is semi-easy (doing it is the easy part--it's doing it ALL, turning it in and making sure you stayed on the rabbit trail that's hard xD), and best of all, I get to look forward to my next class--Creative Writing.

The one thing I would only dread about this day, which never comes to me beforehand until I actually face it, is getting my HUGE literature textbook out of my locker. It's about seven inches tall, six inches wide, and three or four inches thick. The thing's a behemoth. And I'm expected to bring this thing home? Not likely. I'm glad I have about two hours to do all my work before I go home, or else I would be in serious pain.

But it's days like these, where I know my weekend is going to be packed, that I wish I owned a car. T^T

My mother actually gave me a piece of paper last week or so that had a picture of a VW bus for sale. It was pretty beat-up, but it only had about a hundred miles or so on its new motor. I took one look at its $3000 price tag and nearly freaked. THAT WAS SO CHEAP! Especially for a thing that wasn't too beat up. Sure, the brakes might need replacing and the transmission fixed and all that good mechanical stuff that I don't know how to do (can you even fix a transmission? I've heard there are some mechanical parts of a car that can't be fixed--only replaced), but by golly I will learn and GET THAT BUS!

But so far, I've only got about $150 in my savings account, and exponentially less in my checking. xD BUT HUMBLE BEGINNINGS, PEOPLE! HUMBLE! BEGINNINGS!

It's not the only one out there, though. I've heard that small towns have TONS of them (literally) just waiting in someone's garage.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


The last time I watched a new episode of Beyblade, I saw a dude whom I first assumed was a chick. Then they used the pronoun "he" and I was like, "THAT DUDE IS SO GIRLY!!"

But I liekz heem anyway. xD

Cuz he's a mysterious type, chuu know? That Tsubasa dude with the long grey hair. Is he tan or something? Is he going for the Ganguro look? Seriously...

In anime, the chicks NEVER look dudeish (and if they are dudeish, then you can at least tell right off the bat that they're female), and the dudes almost ALWAYS look like a chick! I'm telling you, it's nawt fair. D8< But whatever. If the japanese want to emulate the americans and white people, go right on ahead, with your green hair and purple eyes and butterfly wings and ninja skillz, shit. At least when we make an archetype, we're pretty literal about it.

^^Girly ninja dude. D8

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I almost thought we were being hit by a hurricane. But it was just a really bad storm.

It hailed really bad when I got home yesterday and we brought the dogs in. They smell so bad. But we couldn't just leave them out to be pelted by hail--which pulled up some of our roof, by the way. I kept them in Son's bathroom and got so used to the smell that when I left and came back later, I was like, "DAMN! Those dogs smell."

The freeway was so backed up, my mother called me and told me that she had been stuck in traffic for a while. I told her, she was going to be stuck there for a long time, because something happened where a telephone tower came down or something, and the freeway was just jammed for miles upon miles. It was also very flooded.

The worst part was, she had to pee.

Later, she called me and told me a woman was giving birth ON THE FREEWAY. I was like, "Shit, can't it wait? Go to a hospital for Pete's sake!"

I find it funny when Hummers get stuck in floods. Like their stupid car owners underestimate the depth of the flood and go right through and end up floating. Like, "Haha! You bought this bigass, expensive car and now it's floating in a flood! Serves you right for being an idiot!"

At school, the lights went off for two seconds. At first, I was like, "YESS! SCHOOLS OUT!" but we must have some backup generator or something, because the lights came right back on, and I was like, "SHIT!!!" Oh well. Maybe it'll rain that hard again today and we can go home. BUT WHAIT! Today, I have my creative writing class! NOEZ! Can't it wait for tomorrow? Oh, wait, nevermind, tomorrow is a half day anyway. D8<

I can't win, can I?

Oh yeah, that ring that my mother got me? It kinda broke. I was trying to adjust the inner, more flexible strap and it just broke off. Maybe some superglue will fix it.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Last night, my mother bestowed upon me a heavy, chunky, gaudy



I don't normally wear or buy rings, because I know that if I wear them then somehow, they will be lost. Don't ask me how. They just do. But this one is awesome, because it's in the shape of a crocodile. My mother thought it was gecko-shaped (I love geckoes 8D), but it was actually a crocodile (maybe an alligator, actually, but whatever). I didn't wear it today, and I kind of wish I did, but now that I am wearing it while typing and it's nearly flying off my finger cuz it's so HUGE.

I don't know what to name him. Yes, it is a him.

Monday, October 4, 2010


Did I mention that I'm totally not doing a 100 point assignment because 1) I'm lazy and 2) I don't have sufficent materials and 3) my parents are too lazy to help me with it?

It's due today. I told my parents that I needed a book like two weeks ago. They're like, "Oh, it's okay, you can read a book in like two days." Fuck that, they never took me, and now I have to suffer.

Okay, I know, I should have told them it was due TODAY, but I told them it was due today two weeks ago, WHEN WE HAD TIME to do this shit. If I told them we needed it on friday, they just would have gotten all pissy at me, like, "Why didn't you tell us earlier?" FUCK, I DID TELL YOU EARLIER. You just ignored me.

I don't think I'm done ranting.

I drank nothing but water yesterday, and I think my face is exponentially clearer. I actually drank ALOT of water. And I took a midday nap--dunno why I was so tired. But I napped for maybe an hour or two. I finally got up when I ate a slice of kiwi.

I want to name a corgi Kiwi. It's just a cute dog name.

Anyway, I figured I would cheat on this assignment yesterday, but I was still in the throes of waking up, so I just said, "fuck this, I'll get a zero." I got a 100 on my last test (first one in five to six years, woo!), so I should be covered.

I want an animal to cuddle.

Did I mention that I'm wearing my mukluks today? I'm wearing my mukluks today. 8D

Sunday, October 3, 2010


I'm tired.

I decided, today, that for a while (I'm not making a goal, just gunna try my best to keep this out as long as possible) I will drink only water and maybe some milk on the side and see what it does to my complexion. I used to have a pretty clear complexion until about the year I turned 16, when pimples began to invade every corner of my face, not just my forhead and chin and the area in front of my ears (which are the worst to pinch off, cuz they's difficult to get to, but oh so relieving). Now I've got it on those places plus my cheekbones--not just the general area of my cheeks, but the area right under my eyes that my cheekbones protrude the most. And they get pretty bad. So I'mma try this "diet" and see if it works.

Also, I'm doing laundry and I'm screwing it up. Again.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Spoils of the day: food and drink and rides and a pair of black and yellow knit mukluks that smell like heavenly incense. Hippie Gypsy forevah.

There happened to be a fair in downtown Tempe--the Oktoberfest, to be exact. It was fun. Tina and I went on a ride together, and she got a headache which she cured with vanilla yogurt. Barefoot and I shared an Arnold Palmer and some island noodles.

It seems Barefoot really wants to go to homecoming with me, but I think homecoming sounds stupid. I mean, what do you do there? Eat food crapped out by a priest? Apparently, we're allowed to dance, but I can just hear all the stupid songs they're going to play for us to dance to. Gawd, I just want to do something ten times more fun than homecoming that night. He wants us to dress up in kimonos, but I'm like, "Where in the world are we going to get kimonos?" He said we can find some online, on Hot Topic, but I doubt it. I'll look.

Nope, they don't have kimonos. If they ever did, they don't have them now.


Blocking everything... soon I'm only going to be able to blog from school. D8<>.<

And when the school blocks Blogger... what do I do then?

I'll save up for my own laptop. >8D Then I can take it anywhere I want and blog. Geez.

Anyway, Yesterday I talked to Tucker. It was strange. I've never talked to him on such a level--superficial as it was, I've never really talked to the guy other than to say, "Hey, what was the assignment again?" But I asked about Younglife, and he just went all out. We talked (well, more like he did) all the way out to the quad and I felt kind of self-conscious, like, "Dude, people can see you talking to me. What would your girlfriend think? What would your friends think? I know what I, think--I think all your friends and your girlfriend are going to think that you've somehow sunk so low as to talk to me."

Then it hit me--how I really feel about myself on the social scale. I know it's wrong to think like that, but with a background like mine, how can you blame me? I've been labeled the "nerdy, anime-hentai, kids-who-do-pot-behind-the-bleachers" kind of person. Or so I think I have. I remember, my freshman (or was it sophomore?) year, my friend told me that some girl thought I was weird and scary. I was like, "I don't even know that bitch. What did I indirectly cram up her asshole?" Now I feel like I'm not as weird as I used to be, but I still like anime, but I've never done pot (as far as I know, I may have done it while sleepwalking, but I'm not known to sleepwalk, but I have fell off the bed before when I was five or so).

I know there are kids who are "popular" who talk to me, but it's on an EXTREMELY superficial level--they just pass by and say, "Hi," and I'm like, "Hi," all sweetly, but on the inside, I'm like, "Shit, you say you're my friend but all you do is just say 'hi' when I pass by in the hallway--fuck that, I'm not your friend." So in the end, it's a very malicious "hi".

The only people I actually hang out with are Matt, Josh, and Jared. Lately, I've only passed notes with Talia. I like hanging out with Diddy afterschool, because I've known her for 3+ years now and I really like when she starts conversations with me--like the last time, she told me that she wears undershirts all the time, but now because of her baby belly, her undershirts ride up and she needs to get maternity ones. It's little things like that that maketh meh happy.

Lately, most of the people I talk to in person are male. And not like "hi" in the hallway, bullshit, but actually, "so did you see Glee last night?" kind of thing.

By the way, I fell in love with Glee. I believe it's very well-written. And I also saw five minutes of an episode of Jersey Shore. It's total crap. And the guy with the "abs" doesn't even have nice abs. They're actually pretty ugly. Those kids need Jesus.

I hope I can have the patience to keep my cool until I leave this place. Right now, I feel my patience being slowly stretched.