Monday, March 7, 2011


Please, please, PLEASE tell me this isn't another one of those n00bs who believe that they don't "need" anatomy.

Cuz honestly, I'll fucking scream. D8

Not joking. I haven't been able to check the reply for this, but if he/she continues to plead her case, I'm gunna have a nervous breakdown.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


between Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Benefits of Chrome:

99.99% of the time, the tabs and windows close. Each new window comes up as a tab MOST of the time; I like this. Great for listening to Pandora and scanning through DA (which is what I use it for mostly). Doesn't take freaking forever for a page to load. Has a nice blank tab page which I can customize with cool themes. 8D

Cons of Chrome:

Not compatible with all sites, such as Hotmail, Facebook (which I don't use anyway), and some "official" sites. Can't click on some links on Flash files, i.e. Pandora... T^T

Benefits of IE:

Compatible with everything.

Cons of IE:

Takes twice as long as Chrome to load a page, and whenever I try to open a tab, the tab may not load until ten minutes later (mind, I CAN open up another FULLY FUNCTIONAL tab while it's loading). Closing tabs is a pain in the ass; especially if the page isn't responding. They may take up as much as 20 minutes to never to close. I may even have to restart the computer JUST to get IE working properly again. Some of this may be the fault of our internet-blocky server thingy (which I know the pw to anyway, so it's not too much of a pain) and the tracking cookies.

So, I think I'll stay with Chrome for the most part, but for things I can't do, I'll have to settle for IE.

Maybe I should add Firefox to our repetoire.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I am constantly waking up at 6:00 in the morning, scared to death that my dad will come in and tell ME to wake up and get ready. He has to go into my brother's room next door to wake him up, because he never wakes up on his own. It's irrational to think that I'll be bothered, but I freak out cuz I'm like, "ITS TIEM TO SLEEP NAO LEAVE ME ALONE WITH YOUR NOISY NOISES PLOX."

This morning, at about 6:40, my mother came in and just kinda fell asleep next to me. It reminded me of when I was little, and she would put me to sleep by holding me. She'd move and I'd cling to her, because I knew that in the morning, I would wake up and she wouldn't be there. For being four, or five, or whatever, I was kinda smart. I knew that my mom would wait until I was asleep, and then leave to go to HER bedroom with my dad, who I figured was big enough to sleep on his own and not need my mother to put him to sleep.

Anyway, we just kinda slept there until about 6:50 or so (I know this because we got up about five minutes after my phone rang for the 6:45 alarm), then we both went to get ready for the day. It was strange. One of those rare mornings when my mother isn't completely all "GRAAWRRNAHHGRRR" at us. xD

And I have basically nothing to do for my second hour. Updates on Jackassery to come soon. xD