Monday, April 25, 2011


A few songs have been stuck in my head lately.

"Zero" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs, namely these lyrics: "Makes me feel like a madman on the run"
"Get to know it in the dark, get to know whether you're crying, crying, crying, oh
Can you climb, climb, climb higher?"

There are others, but I don't remember them now.

Monday, March 7, 2011


Please, please, PLEASE tell me this isn't another one of those n00bs who believe that they don't "need" anatomy.

Cuz honestly, I'll fucking scream. D8

Not joking. I haven't been able to check the reply for this, but if he/she continues to plead her case, I'm gunna have a nervous breakdown.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


between Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Benefits of Chrome:

99.99% of the time, the tabs and windows close. Each new window comes up as a tab MOST of the time; I like this. Great for listening to Pandora and scanning through DA (which is what I use it for mostly). Doesn't take freaking forever for a page to load. Has a nice blank tab page which I can customize with cool themes. 8D

Cons of Chrome:

Not compatible with all sites, such as Hotmail, Facebook (which I don't use anyway), and some "official" sites. Can't click on some links on Flash files, i.e. Pandora... T^T

Benefits of IE:

Compatible with everything.

Cons of IE:

Takes twice as long as Chrome to load a page, and whenever I try to open a tab, the tab may not load until ten minutes later (mind, I CAN open up another FULLY FUNCTIONAL tab while it's loading). Closing tabs is a pain in the ass; especially if the page isn't responding. They may take up as much as 20 minutes to never to close. I may even have to restart the computer JUST to get IE working properly again. Some of this may be the fault of our internet-blocky server thingy (which I know the pw to anyway, so it's not too much of a pain) and the tracking cookies.

So, I think I'll stay with Chrome for the most part, but for things I can't do, I'll have to settle for IE.

Maybe I should add Firefox to our repetoire.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I am constantly waking up at 6:00 in the morning, scared to death that my dad will come in and tell ME to wake up and get ready. He has to go into my brother's room next door to wake him up, because he never wakes up on his own. It's irrational to think that I'll be bothered, but I freak out cuz I'm like, "ITS TIEM TO SLEEP NAO LEAVE ME ALONE WITH YOUR NOISY NOISES PLOX."

This morning, at about 6:40, my mother came in and just kinda fell asleep next to me. It reminded me of when I was little, and she would put me to sleep by holding me. She'd move and I'd cling to her, because I knew that in the morning, I would wake up and she wouldn't be there. For being four, or five, or whatever, I was kinda smart. I knew that my mom would wait until I was asleep, and then leave to go to HER bedroom with my dad, who I figured was big enough to sleep on his own and not need my mother to put him to sleep.

Anyway, we just kinda slept there until about 6:50 or so (I know this because we got up about five minutes after my phone rang for the 6:45 alarm), then we both went to get ready for the day. It was strange. One of those rare mornings when my mother isn't completely all "GRAAWRRNAHHGRRR" at us. xD

And I have basically nothing to do for my second hour. Updates on Jackassery to come soon. xD

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


To get some work done. 8D

I just killed like eight birds with one stone. So many different assignments done in so little time. It was awesome.

Oh yeah, BTW, don't fuck with my mother in the morning. Yesterday, I began to explain to her that when I ate White Castle cheeseburgers for breakfast, I felt something of an adrenaline high all throughout the day. I said it might be because somebody at the burger-making factory slipped drugs into it, like shrooms or something. Then my mother got all freaky, unable to take a joke, and snapped at me like, "If you had shrooms, you would be freaking out and hallucinating." This morning I said some similar joke-thing--like the dogs aren't really in the laundry room, it's the rabid pig-hampsters scratching and howling at the door. She didn't freak out this time. Maybe yesterday was just a bad morning.

Also, this greatly amuses me:

It brings great joy to my heart to see Peach in fishnets and dark clothing. I dunno who made it, I found it years ago (or just a long time ago). All hail dark peachyness!

Also, I thought this was cool as well:

Found here. I love Daft Punk, basically with half of my ass and a rather large chunk of my heart (that's alot, by the way, if you know what my ass looks like xD). Before I die, I must make these suits and wear them to public Christmas events. 8D That would be FUCKIN IT!

Friday, February 18, 2011


Is it just me, or do scene kids all look the same? It's like emo, but with more outrageous hair, and obsession with a camera and an even faker front. I saw some lineart on DeviantArt for "scenedogs", and it was kinda funny. Attractive, even, because the artist was REALLY GOOD. But honestly. No.

I actually don't write as much in my DA journal than I said I do. The last time I wrote in it, it might have been last week. Or two weeks ago. I dunno.

This week and last really seemed to just fly by. I don't know why. Last weekend seemed like yesterday. Or maybe I'm just thinking crooked (as opposed to thinking straight).

I woke up late this morning, and had this dream that I was getting ready to go to school (like most of my morning dreams). I dreamt that I sat there popping a pimple on the side of my mouth, and for some reason, my mouth started to fill with water, like I was rising my mouth out, or something. I dunno. I have strange dreams. Then I woke up and checked the time and it was already 7:00. I figured, "hell with it, I'll take a shower. We're always late anyway. And it's a B-day. And a half day. And Mom will take me out to Starbucks afterward. 8D

I need a job, cuz I brokkee... T^T

Monday, February 14, 2011


Valentines day!

I got chocolate-covered fortune cookies for valentines this year. They're covered with pink heart sprinkles. 8D Apparently, you can learn the phrase "I love you" in like, six or seven different languages.

So, today I revert back to my twelve-year-old self with all the anime nonsense. Well, asian food. Whatever. I got to make muffins in Cooking class and they came out okay. A bit on the undercooked side, even though we put them in for five minutes longer than the recipe called for.

Anyway, I haven't posted here much cuz I've been obsessed with Deviantart. And maybe going into FeralHeart, if I can download it without too much trouble. Cuz honestly, I don't want to get into a game with all these bugs and stuff. But FeralHeart looks like a fangirl game, all full of super-colorful sparkledogs and lions.

Over the weekend, I began to read the TvTropes list of 'tropes for Kingdom Hearts. Holy shizznat, do they love to play up them tropes. Alot of them are BAD tropes. Like the single most important hole in the plot: once upon a time, Sora couldn't fight off baddies with a wooden sword. Then, all of a sudden, he gets a keyblade and can kick ass. BUT WHAIT! If the Keyblade is the only weapon capable of killing off heartless, the what the fuck are Goofy and Donald doing? They fight, and sure enough, after a long enough period of time and some leveling up, they might actually do all the work for you. But then they clear it up in later games, saying that other weapons can defeat the heartless, but only the Keyblade can collect the hearts. So, now we have this problem of Sora's not-being-able-to-harm-heartless stage in the game, where for 30-something seconds all of your attacks were worthless. So, you must now consider one of three options: a) Sora is dreaming all this shit up, and nothing is really real, b) Heartless are immune to wood, or c) The director of the game isn't paying attention to details. Or all three. Your choice.

I think that Director Nomura just made this his game of complete what-the-fuckery. Anything and everything he thought was cool and badass, he just plopped it right on top. Zippers and black cloaks? Shure. Outrageous hairstyles? Of course. Weird-ass semi-empathetic weapons? Why not? Throw in some personal obsessions and you've got a cult-producing video game (and manga).

Carried the post over from Valentines day, cuz I didn't have enough time to fill it.

And, um, I thought this was interesting.