Saturday, July 31, 2010


I dunno wtf, but I can't see comments. Crap. >.<

I guess the psychotic pippi longstocking must have riled up a profanity storm, and so the page is blocked. xD



Runo Misaki is a twelve-year-old anime nightmare. I'm all for outrageous outfits and funky colored hair, but Runo takes it to an extreme. Not only does NOTHING match, but she wears just the worst hairstyle for her hair. She's like some sort of clown hooker. Short skirt, off-the-shoulder top, you can see her PINK BRA STRAPS for crying out loud. That is, if she's wearing any. Whore.

I love her knee-high socks, but those shoes have GOT to go. Seriously, who dresses this girl? Miley Cyrus? Or is she just colorblind? Everything from her head to hips matches somewhat. The rest of the way down, someone call a 911, the fashion police have got to see this.

And what's with those gloves? They look like they should match her boots, but they don't!

I mean, I can understand living on a limited budget, only affording to wear clothes that came from the bottom of the bin at Goodwill, but hand me twenty dollars and take me to Goodwill and I'll have an outfit ten times more stylish than that. Separately, each piece of her clothing looks cute. I think this is how her outfit was chosen--this is cute, that is cute, and this is too. Nothing accents a central piece, like her top and skirt. Even then, she's wearing next to nothing. I'm betting she doesn't even wear panties. Whore.

EVEN WORSE than her outfit is her personality. Runo is a headstrong girl who would describe herself as a "tomboy". Excuse me? What is the exact definition of a tomboy, anyway?

A girl considered boyish or masculine in behavior or manner.

A skirt is NOT considered masculine. Neither is her stubborn mule-headedness. Plenty of girls are stubborn. Runo is just annoying and won't take no for an answer, then gets everyone in a big pile of shit when she does something wrong. HALF of the adversity in the series is HER fault because she is such a STUPID BITCH.

And on top of that, she dresses funny.

Friday, July 30, 2010



So, tonight I hope that I can get the chance to watch friday evening cartoons. I'll be damned if I miss the Ceyblade premiere tomorrow morning. I just hope the new guy is as good as the old ones, because nobody can compare to the awesomeness.
I really want to watch Beyblade on youtube, but I don't think they have any good episodes on there, because alot of music and video police laws have been set and people can't listen to/ post up certain things. Suddenly, it's like we're back in 1972, where it's much easier to pinch a couple cds at the local Zia's rather than try and pirate shit off the internet. And even if you can pirate stuff, you'll probably get caught sooner or later. If you walk into a record store, leave unscathed, come back a few months later and lather rinse repeat you'll be fine. The secret is not letting them know you're stealing and not letting them remember your face. xD
Do I steal? Of course not. Not always, at least. Especially not from stores. When I steal, it's from people who have too much, and then I give it to the poor. Like me. 8D

Sunday, July 25, 2010



The guy goes to my church. Pretty successful guy. Talked to him once, wanna talk to him again but never have the time for a long chat so I gotta build up the courage to do it. >.< What I want to do is present this idea to him and see what he thinks of it.

I want to write a comic that is based on parkour and Jesus.

Imagine yourself in a world where information is closely monitored and anything about God or Jesus or the Bible is censored. It is against the law to be a believer in Christ or God--if so, you will be punished either by death or worse. Depends on how zealous you are for your convictions. So the only way to avoid being monitored is to go where nobody monitors you--on the rooftops. There are no bugs up there to watch or hear you, or detect your presence. Why would anyone be on the roof?

Enter the traceurs and traceuses for Jesus. They hold a meeting upon rooftops and in unmonitored places called Rooftops Ministries (still working on it, dun criticize. wait, scratch that, criticize and tell me what I can do to fix it). There they discuss the bible--not just hold sermons. Everyone is involved. (This is what I hate the most about church--you sit there and LISTEN to someone you don't know with people you don't know. I like small groups where everyone is involved.) So this small group of traceurs come and discuss the bible, yadda yadda, but it's not without its risks. Some people suspect that there are those on the rooftops, hiding in secret, doing "illegal" things. They hire other traceurs of the evil kind to take care of them, so that their peaceful world without God can go on being peaceful without these ruffians running about. Also, it's well known that anyone who captures a believer or has any information on how to bust these believers will be rewarded handsomely, so it is literally them against the world.

I want two main characters, a boy and a girl, plus a father figure of one rooftops ministries group to be in it. The leader (father figure guy) will die in the first volume so that no longer are the two teens protected by someone they trust--it will be them on their own, to survive without shelter, something like that. It's not your typical high school drama. Children die from bullets in this story--and it's not because someone was involved with the wrong gang at the wrong time.

I would like two main characters of different genders so that I can reel in audiences from both sides--not just girls or boys. Besides, I can't see a person in this world who doesn't think that Parkour isn't cool. It's supremely rad. It's beyond all kinds of rad on this planet. I wish I knew the ways of Parkour, but no way in my area is there going to be a parkour team. It's just too freakin hot.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Watching the last few minutes of Bakugan this morning, I stumbled upon a startling revelation in the form of a commercial. There were starry-eyed ten year olds with tops. They were launching them off of some sort of perpetual motion apparatus. They all had hair in funky colors that defied gravity. Could it be? The last few seconds of it confirmed my hopes--Beyblade was coming back.


I liked the original series better, but the new one that's coming out is called "metal fusion". I can't wait for the pilot that's going to air next week. I'll be damned if I miss it. D8<

Beyblade was my first love, besides Pokemon. I loved Pokemon first, but it was Beyblade that really hooked me into anime. Because of Beyblade, I could tell the difference between a cartoon and an anime. If not for Beyblade, I would still be attatched to Britney Spears and totally love that guy who keeps screaming, "LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!" Okay, so I love him because he's funny, but not because he's all for leaving Britney alone. xD

So, yeah. Beyblade = my heart happy. All we need is some more Code Lyoko and Biker Mice From Mars. Then heaven will have descended upon us and I will die of pure ecstasy.

Friday, July 23, 2010


Not really. Life is good. I just hate my online summerschool classes and my siblings pressuring me to join Farmville. I hate them both with a passion (not my siblings, Farmville).

It's pure evil, I tell you. It's the root of all evil. Its what makes my sister ignore her infant when she's screaming and crying for attention. I know the baby is being a brat, but serously. Farmville is just... evil. And I hate the music that goes with it. I want to strangle the idiot who composed it.

In other news, I watched an episode of The Dog Whisperer today and the dog's name was Josh. He was a Maltese with serious attitude problems. Go figure.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


First thing in the morning--feet attacked by a little yellow fluffball that goes by the name of Zuzu. That's always wonderful, with his little rat teeth digging into my freshly operated on toe. >.< But then you've got the little wet puppy tongue up in there saying, "GOOD MORNING I WANNA LICK YOUR FEET!" And then you've got your pit/lab mix jumping up on you, begging to go outside. So after locking my mother out of the house, I let Hershey outside. Zuzu sat at the door and looked at me like, "Hell no, I ain't goin out there, it's too hot."

"Well, if you don't, you'll be pissin all over the place, so get your fluffy ass out there."

He didn't move, so I picked him up and tossed him outside. I'll get them after I shower and wear proper legwear.

I haven't even eaten and I've been on the interwebs for about an hour. Shows you how addicted I am. But what else am I supposed to do in this house?

I went back to the bathroom and when I looked in the mirror for the first time in the morning, I noticed a white spot on my chin, surrounded by redness. Damn. First whitehead in a long time. I popped it and it was one of those squirting white heads. My last period was like... three weeks ago. SHIT. That means I'm due. No wonder I'm breaking out. >.<

SO what am I doing to help it? Nothing, besides complaining on the internet. I have a feeling that it's going to be a wonderful thursday. I should probably eat something now. But Pandora Radio has a Halo song on my musical score station. So I think I'll wait it out until it's done with it's awesomeness. 8D

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


So it seems that today is just another day. But isn't it wednesday? I really want to just kick back and watch a ton of anime. And even some stuff that isn't anime. Like Code Lyoko and Biker Mice from Mars. I wonder if those youtube links would be blocked. If so, I'll just ask someone without a stupid program blocking their computer to post them up for me on facebook or something.

I hate my online class. They expect me to perform a lab AT HOME. I would be happier taking a class at some public school than this. This is downright idiotic. And on top of that, they sneak these little clips of some astronomer into the videos we watch, talking about the big bang theory and all that. I wonder if the instructor actually watches any of the videos he forces us to watch. This astronomer has NOTHING to do with chemistry!

I want some chinese food. o.o

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Oh pudgy, podgy blubber-covered cetacean!
Where art thou manners?
I can understand why the Japanese are after your fatty hides
They're quite delicious, I've heard

It is not mine own fault that you die at the yellow
Rubber-gloved hands
Ah, the simplicity of your minds
We sing songs about you and you sing them back

How great are you, the Mysticeti!
With your great long teeth that trap in krill
And your great size that attracts those with murderous intents
You are dying, and yet I lend no hand

How terrifying are you, the Odontoceti!
With your sharp teeth and sharp eyes
And your sharp streamlined bodies that zoom in and out of fish
We learn today that dolphins are whales too

Oh dear Moby Dick
Not to be confused with Dick Van Dyke
What kind of a name is Dick anyway?
Good bye, our mammalian sea friends


So, I didn't have any wacky dreams last night. Poor me. D8 BUTT it did rain. Yaay! Happy meee! Well, at first it thundered and then there was lightning and it made my heart happy because I couldn't sleep and I didn't know why but once the rain came, I felt comfortable enough to sleep.

I don't understand why people can be so afraid of storms. I love storms. Especially when you live in the middle of the desert like I do, it's just awesome. We hardly ever get any rain here and when we do, it's in the middle of the fall when it usually snows for the rest of the world and in the late weeks of summer when it's all hot and muggy and the monsoons come around.

Sooo... yep! Looking forward to all of those wonderful little rainstorms this monsoon season!

Monday, July 19, 2010


If I said that I had a pony.

I would be a liar.

Cuz I don't have a pony.

I always wanted one since I was little.

But I guess I'll just have to make do with a Rapidash.

Actually, I never wanted a pony. I wanted a horse.

I had no idea what ponies were. 8D