Wednesday, February 23, 2011


To get some work done. 8D

I just killed like eight birds with one stone. So many different assignments done in so little time. It was awesome.

Oh yeah, BTW, don't fuck with my mother in the morning. Yesterday, I began to explain to her that when I ate White Castle cheeseburgers for breakfast, I felt something of an adrenaline high all throughout the day. I said it might be because somebody at the burger-making factory slipped drugs into it, like shrooms or something. Then my mother got all freaky, unable to take a joke, and snapped at me like, "If you had shrooms, you would be freaking out and hallucinating." This morning I said some similar joke-thing--like the dogs aren't really in the laundry room, it's the rabid pig-hampsters scratching and howling at the door. She didn't freak out this time. Maybe yesterday was just a bad morning.

Also, this greatly amuses me:

It brings great joy to my heart to see Peach in fishnets and dark clothing. I dunno who made it, I found it years ago (or just a long time ago). All hail dark peachyness!

Also, I thought this was cool as well:

Found here. I love Daft Punk, basically with half of my ass and a rather large chunk of my heart (that's alot, by the way, if you know what my ass looks like xD). Before I die, I must make these suits and wear them to public Christmas events. 8D That would be FUCKIN IT!


  1. The Daft Punk suits remind me of what the Black Eyed Peas back-up dancers wore at this year's Super Bowl, which reminded me of the Tron suits. And yeah, I don't like sports---I didn't even watch the Super Bowl ON the premiere day. My dad and his played the recording a few days after.

    I think it'd be cool to have LOTS of costumes. There's this girl who rides a bike, in a Pikachu suit here at school. It's the shit!!!!

  2. That is ultra badass. Pika fuckin chuuu!